Development In Kuwait

Kuwait Today

The State of Kuwait is a civilization with cultural and historical progress, historical landmarks and tourist facilities that are distinguished from other countries.

The skyline downtown in Kuwait City is constantly changing and evolving.

Kuwait in the past
Qout Market

(a view on the adapted society; Gathering set up)

Qout Market came together in 2013 out of the need for a platform to bring together local farmers, craftsmen, and food enthusiasts with the local community to discover, mingle, and plan to run into their neighbor.

It is meant to form a microcosm of all the wonderful people and things that made Kuwait, Kuwait.

Vendors are carefully chosen for their product and passion, but most importantly their character and commitment to this sense of community. The vendors come from 21 different countries (and counting) bringing wonderful diversity to this carefully cultivated community.

It seeks to empower the small food producer, the craftsman, the artist, the small-scale farmer, the musician looking for an audience, the up and coming chef and even the established chef looking for a creative outlet. By providing a quality platform and carefully curating the Qout Market vendor family they are challenging the local community to step forward with their best. Small businesses are provided the opportunity to perform at their finest and engage with a captive audience.

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