Dress code x Society

Does imposing dress code on visitors for places such as hospitals, universities, government buildings, libraries and public spaces improve our society?

For example, visitors are dictated to wear formal attire in order to be served in governmental agency. Without formal attire, they will not be served or even bared from entry.

Universities in certain countries require all students to wear formal attire to attend lecture. On the other hand, there is no strict dress code in certain country’s universities.

There are news recently reported in Malaysia whereby visitors are bared from entry to government buildings for wearing shorts/skirts and forced to don sarong before being served, which triggers me to think why does it happen.

My questions are

  1. What is the reasoning behind these strict dress code imposed? What are the gains from strict dress code?
  2. Is it right to say that wearing shorts/skirts are indecent or merely a perception of another person?
  3. To what extent a person clothes considered indecent?

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