LOYAC is a Kuwaiti nonprofit organization, it is also the first to play a significant role in engaging the youth, refining their abilities and enforcing their sense of responsibility. They believe in the importance of effective social initiatives to drive economic growth and social sustainability. Loyac believes that youth can be led towards peace by providing them with opportunities for personal growth, experiencing the joy of service and developing their professional skills through on job training internships that builds self confidence. Embracing peace as its prime awareness message, the group set about formulating programs and activities that will help them achieve their stated objectives that go beyond the boundaries of Kuwait.

As well as educating and training the new generation to work for themselves and achieve more than what is expected from the society that had previously depended on expats to do all the work, until there were barely any jobs opportunities available for locals who really needed the job. Some jobs (eg. waiter, chef, cashier) were often claimed as “shameful” or “embarrassing”, if offered to a Kuwaiti, but Loyac tends to normalize this idea by giving young Kuwaiti’s the chance to experience part jobs at stores and markets, and awarding them. They did succeed as everyone has reacted to the outcome very positively.

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