Dissertation Research

Idea: I plan to continue working and to develop my skills on collage/ mixed media, and installation art such as handmade objects/ miniature making and sculpture. I started researching themes, and came up with an idea to make a “Narrative Series” throughout the year. I want my work to be viewed as cultural and personal. A balance of both.

Artist Research: personal, therapeutic, contemporary & unique examples

Museum of broken hearts
Liz Magor
Yin Xuizhen
Dieter Roth
Shary Boyle
Urs Fischer
Submerged Motherlands
Lee Price
Judy Chicago
Andre Werner
website for video: https://artyesno.com/andre-werner-
Marina Abramovic
"The Artist is Present"

Marisol Escobar
Brian Kroll

Roland Reiss
Curtis Talwst
Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Do Ho Suh
Marcin Krupa
dysfunctional family

Ahn Kyuchul
The Meditative, Witty Art of Korea's Ahn Kyuchul

Mathew Hale
Camilo Ontiveros

video: https://www.mfah.org/blogs/inside-mfah/home-taken-away-camilo-ontiveros-temporary-storage
Emily Jacir
Andrea Tese
Danh Vo
Hannah Burr
self help

Victoria and Albert Museum: Dream House
40 artists collaboration
Teresa N. Fischer

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