Unit 6 – Final Exhibition

Melancholy in the Gulf: A love story

Love is innocent, but not until you are forced to share it with an entire community, literally with an entire community (friends, friends of friends, family, first cousins, third cousins, tenth cousins and it goes on). It is seen important as they think they are making “right” decisions for a man when it comes to choosing a women. Therefore, in the Gulf, first comes love, then comes marriage. Its a package. The “right” women, is expected to have a clean slate, meaning no history of any other relationships, or that should be covered and concealed for her. Basically, so she is to be seen as an ideal, traditional women and a wife material.

This a fictional story, based on true facts. There are 3 chapters to my story.

CHAPTER 1: Exploring love

CHAPTER 2: Falling in love (one-sided)

CHAPTER 3: Reminiscing & moving on.

There are two ironies in this (Collage Series):

  • Phone & eyes in the background: Publicity and community judgement (this is somewhat the urban way to fall in love in the Gulf).
  • The toys: Character theory and representation.

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